Hey there.

I’m going to cut this down to the basics, because really, this isn’t the bit you should be reading!
My name is Luke Leadbetter. I’m a student at The University of Portmsouth, where I’m studying Entertainment Technology. Exciting stuff.
I have a strong interest in the realm of social media – Twitter and it’s ilk. I love the interaction that can be found, and looking at the way in which it used.
I’m also a Christian, and what makes social media even more interesting to me, is when it is combined with faith. This makes for some very interesting, ethical and philosophical debates in which I am hoping you will take part!
Along with social media I have a great interest in almost every form of technology out there, although maybe not kitchen appliances, because let’s face it fridges aren’t that interesting. So expect some of that – not fridges, interesting tech – to appear here too.

I hope you enjoy what you read and I cannot express how much I hope that you can comment on what is written, add your views and help to create a friendly, interesting community full of fascinating discussion.

Thanks for reading,


If you’re looking for any other hints of myself on the web, try:

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