“Run Holodeck Program 1329″… A real life holodeck?

A recent BBC News article (found Here) has video footage of a ‘real life Star Trek holodeck’. Kind of.

The system shown in the video is a 360° screen used to create simulations for fire fighters. Whilst pretty cool, this technology isn’t anything particularly new or really a holodeck.
What it is demonstrating though is that we’re a bit closer to holographic simulations.


In Star Trek: The Next Generation, the holodeck is a large room that when activated, or programmed, can create life like replicas of people, places and objects, in 3D. This clip shows a bit of what the holodeck can do.

If we manage to successfully create a holodeck, or a similar holographic projection room, it will bring some massive advantages. The implications for training purposes are pretty obvious, but think about how it could also be used in terms of medicine and surgery. It has the possibility of creating extremely life-like replicas of humans that would react exactly as a real person would – provided they are programmed well enough.

The next step then would be some kind of home use, TV, films and games being a target, and then probably a mobile version – which seems to be the direction of all technology nowadays.

Over to you

  • What do you think is the main advantage to the holodeck?
  • What would you do with one?
  • Is there any reason you disapprove of this technology?

What's your thoughts?

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