Stories, Social Media and Pickles – CNMAC12


So the Saturday just gone was awesome.
Not the most technical term I know, but probably one of the most accurate.20121022-134742.jpg

For those that don’t know, Saturday the 20th of October was the Christian New Media Conference, held by Xianne New Media in partnership with Codec and Premier Christian Media.

This conference aims to take a look at current and emerging media and technologies, and apply them to church. Roughly.

The day was brilliant. With over 25 speakers in a range of different talk ‘streams’ there was something for everyone. And there was a lot of ‘everyone’.

I was on of the 400 odd men and women that travelled to Kings College London for the conference. From a show of hands in the main lecture theatre it seemed that attendance this year had nearly doubled from the previous year.

Social media was a key part of the conference. Not only was it one of the main focus of the speakers, but it was extensively used by those attending. And I mean extensively.
On average there were 500 tweets an hour pouring onto the #cnmac12 hashtag.

There is far too much for me to include in a blog post, which leaves me with asking you some questions instead.


  • If you attended the conference, what was your best bit?
  • What was the main message to you?
  • If you didn’t or did attend, will you be next year? Why?


Thanks for reading, it would be great if you could comment!

One last thing: Pickle.



  1. Paul Borer (@pbmcmlxxi)

    Really enjoyed the conference. I guess seeing how twitter can be a useful tool was one of the best bits of the day! Enjoyed the Pickles bit towards the end, that was quite funny. Another highlight was @Digitalnun. One main message I took away was to keep things clear and uncluttered, and new is not always the best. Certainly will be looking at attending next year 🙂

    • lukeleadbetter

      Yes, it did expand my view of the ways in which Twitter can be used. The pickles bit was rather amusing, although maybe too much through Vicky Walkers talk?

      @Digitalnun was fantastic, she received a follow from me straight away! And yes, when presenting web content it’s best to be clear and concise.

  2. Susan Kambalu

    I really enjoyed the conference. It was my first time, and I loved being able to tweet/share until my battery ran out. The main message was probably that we should share our (authentic, therefore attractive) stories. Loved listening to the young people talk about their experiences of “new media” (mainly messaging and twitter). Great to have a vibrant hashtag community. I hope I can attend again next year; from what I heard, I think my organisation (CAFOD) is doing quite a lot of good stuff online – would be nice to be able to share it some more. Pickles were funny, although I agree that it then was too much during @Vicky_Walker’s talk – she was obviously distracted then, which was unfair to her.

    • lukeleadbetter

      The hashtag community was brilliant. And I heard of many battery problems throughout! Look forward to seeing what your organisation will be doing online.

      Yes it was a shame for Vicky, her talk – through the coughing – was great.

      • Susan Kambalu

        We tried using mobiles for the first time this year during the 100 days of peace around the Olympics: Our pass it on campaign focused on sharing messages of peace in a fun way. Lots of young people got involved, particularly at the Flame Congress back in March. We’ve had some good evaluation from this activity, so hopefully our learning will help us come up with some more innovative young people engagement through social media…

  3. Sipech

    For me, the highlight was Andy Byers’ talk on doing theology online, with all the benefits and pitfalls it brings. Very practical, grounded and clear.

    It was a shame there wasn’t more time to take the sociability offline. By the end of the day, many were tired & I think the #pickle thing demonstrated attention spans had lapsed. So I had no desire to go to the pub & quite a few were keen to start their journeys home.

    I was very impressed with your t-shirt though; it showed a commitment that was admirable.

    • lukeleadbetter

      That was a talk I debated attending, but didn’t up there.
      I agree, but at the same time you want value for money, and information as well as socialising. It’s a hard balance to grasp.
      I can’t say a huge amount did turn up to the pub, but it was nice going. Glad to have met you, if it was only briefly.

      And thanks, I like that t-shirt a lot!

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