Rat Brains Could Create Conscious, Praying Robots?

It seems the robot world is advancing rapidly. The use of rat brain cells within a robot being the exciting new development.Rat Brain Cells In a video found on the BBC news site questions were asked about this new ‘brain’ for robots.

Not the normal ‘how does it work?’ type questions either. No, instead there were discussions on the ethics of this. Whilst seeming bizarre, it is something to consider. As said in the video, this new type of brain could allow robots to have a far more ‘real’ brain. Soon they could not only learn new information in the same way that we do, but be conscious too.

This raised another question: If robots could pray, who would they pray to? The question was posed to Rt Rev Peter Hancock, the Bishop of Basingstoke. Check out the video, found Here and look out particularly for the prayer question, found between 1.45 – 2.10 of the video.

The bishop seems to me to be avoiding the question, just giving a very vague answer to satisfy the film crew. Or maybe that is what he thinks, but that’s for you to decide.

Of course all of this is still relatively distant ideas, but an interesting prospect to consider.

What do you think?

  • Are you worried by the rapid increase in robotic brains? Or embracing of this expanding area of tech?
  • If robots could pray, who would they pray too?
  • Is it right to consider robots praying?

One comment

  1. JAH

    Do you think that rats pray? or is it just something humans would do?
    I think I would be concerned if human brain cells were used in this type of experimental technology.

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